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jjs 1957
Jumpin Jack's July 1957
new pit building
The new Charcoal Pit crica 1973
The warehouse


Jumpin Jack's was built in 1952 by Jack Brennan. Originally he had just built the Ice cream building which he called "Twin Freeze" because of the two soft ice cream machines that he had purchased.A few short years later after becoming successful with the ice cream business he decided to expand upon that and the original "Charcoal Pit" was added in 1957. Also around the same time Jack had a train ride built and it rode on an oval track than ran along the bridge side of the parking lot. The train was in service until around 1971 when construction began on the new Western Gateway bridge


The Charcoal Pit was replaced with a much larger building in 1964, that included a roof that extends beyond the building to keep the customers out of the elements while ordering a meal. Also the warehouse was moved into place in 1965, originally it was behind what is now Trustco Bank. An addition to the warehouse was made in 1970 that added another bay. The warehouse uses the original sign that used to be on top of the large road sign.

In 1976 Jack retired and sold the business to the current owner Mark Lansing who at the time was then general manager of jj's.



Jackie, Adrian, Mark Lansing, Jamie